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Welcome to Brascane, We specialise in selling fresh sugar canes, The company was born from a longing I had from my childhood since then I started looking for ways to get the machine and raw material for personal use only. With the encouragement of friends and family, the desire to share this experience of reliving my childhood memories with even more people away from our homeland just grew stronger. The first phase of research started. We carried out studies and experiments to come up with an extremely high-quality product at an affordable price. Brascane was created, aiming to assist the supply of sugarcane from micro-entrepreneurs to large organizations. Our company today also supplies machines specifically manufactured for juice extraction. Our priority is to ensure the quality of our product. You are most welcome to meet and be part of the Brascane family., give us a call on +44 07368885314.

Affordable Prices, Fresh Produce

We offer a wide variety of sugar canes for all of our customers, and with our competitive prices you'll be hard pressed to find any reason to do your daily shop anywhere else. Our commitment to hygiene and food preservation means that you're always going to find delicious and fresh sugar canes in our welcoming, clean store. We're always happy to help you out with suggestions or ideas if you're not quite sure what you're looking for.

Mini Sugarcane Juice Machine

The Mini Sugarcane Juice Machine is a revolutionary compact size machine that is being used worldwide, especially in countries where sugar cane is grown. It is a dream for most people to drink fresh juice whenever they want, and now that dream can come true, as we are the exclusive dealer in the UK and you can order this machine now with us. This machine extracts the largest amount of juice from the cane at once without having to pass the cane more often. 


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